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The Illinois Attorney General's Office provides valuable resources for parents regarding digital readiness, cyberbullying, and sexting.  We encourage parents to review this information and these resources and share with your children.  We want to make sure our students are utilizing technology safely.


Parents -- Please check your student's cell phone for any applications or messages that you find concerning.  If your student is using a site such as "Yik Yak" or "KIK," these sites are completely anonymous.  Any dangerous messages sent through these sites are likely untrackable by officials.


Safe Surfing!

Digital Readiness for Parents

Stay Connected-Stay Informed--Illinois Attorney General's Resource Page

Youth and Technology:  What If Scenarios for Parents

Julie's Journey (Julie started talking on the computer to a 56 year old man when she 13. Her dangerous story is shared.)

Missing Kids Sextortion PSA