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The end of the first semester is swiftly approaching.  Now is the time to put in the extra effort to raise your grades before final exams!

On December 7th, grades will be pulled, and ONE exam exemption will be rewarded to any student (freshmen through seniors) who is passing ALL of his or her classes. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to have one less final exam for which to prepare!! 

Don't forget that the second quarter EBS requirement is due for full credit on Tuesday, December 5th.

Also, students who are currently enrolled in American History have the opportunity to earn up to 50 extra credit points prior to the end of the semester by submitting a book review by 8:05 on Monday, December 4. The details for completing this extra credit assignment may be found on page 42 of the the Social Studies Handbook. 

Stay focused and set a goal to make this semester one of your best!