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Fall Break for Mendota High School will begin on Wednesday, November 22nd, and classes will resume on Monday, November 27. Enjoy your time off, and come back ready to make a strong finish to the first semester!




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In today's ever-changing, digitalized society, it is imperative that students understand the importance of using both the internet and social media in a safe and responsible manner. Mendota High School is pleased to offer a series of on-line courses from GoEnnounce that will enable parents to better prepare their children to be responsible digital citizens. This highly informative series, entitled "Digital Citizenship Parent Videos," addresses topics such as creating a positive digital footprint, oversharing on social media, technology dependence, avoiding online fraud, cyberbullying, online literacy, and creating a healthy balance between the online and offline world. If you are interested in learning how to help your student wisely and productively navigate the internet and social media, please click on the link provided below for access to the Digital Citizenship Video Series.



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Click on the link provided below to access the Mendota High School Chromebook Handbook and User Agreement Form.



Mendota High School will provide all students with a safe school environment that facilitates learning.  Using any form or type of aggressive behavior that does physical or psychological harm to someone else and/or disrupts the learning environment, and/or urges students to engage in such conduct is prohibited.  Mendota High School will seek to prevent such incidents and will investigate and take corrective actions for violations of this policy.  Further, retaliation against those who seek remediees under this policy is prohibited.


To report any examples of bullying, cyberbullying, or other aggressive behaviors, you may report directly to Mr. Masini, Assistant Principal; Mrs. Aughenbaugh, Principal; or, through this email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Confidentiality to the fullest extent possible will be observed at all stages of the investigation and for any hearings that take place.  Any anonymous reports may require more information to fully conduct an investigation.  




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Superintendent - Jeff Prusator

Principal - Denise Aughenbaugh

Assistant Principal - Joe Masini

Technology Director - Scott Siri

Athletic Director - Steve Hanson

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Transportation Director - Gary Kettleborough

Maintenance Supervisor - Jim Erlenborn