Employment Opportunities
2300 West Main Street, Mendota, IL 61342
Phone- 815-539-7446, Bilingual- 815-539-8377
Fax- 815-539-3103

Mendota High School is now LIVE with the Aesop Absence and Substitute Management system.  If you are a substitute teacher in the area with the Aesop System, please consider choosing a multi-district pin and choosing Mendota High School to see available subbing days at Mendota High School.  Rate of pay at MHS is base rate of $90 and possibly up to $126 per day with additional periods of subbing. 

Multiple District Substitute Guide (Click here for directions with a multiple district substitute guide.)

Aesop QuickStart Guide for Substitutes (Click here for directions logging into Aesop, navigating the system, changing your pin, and using Aesop notifications)